How To Stage A Successful Revolution

Posted on 01/02/2011


The history books are littered with failed and bloody protests, that only led to more oppression and reinforcement of the existing totalitarian regime. But Egypt’s latest rise of the people seems different. If it succeeds in overthrowing the 30 year old regime, then it will be down to these 5 things:

1) Bring out, not only the students, but also the middles classes, the elderly, the business men, the leaders of the community.

2) Don’t get associated by hidden agendas, or parties.

3) Stage peaceful protests; no Molotov cocktails or brick throwing.

4) Shout friendly, but firm and clear, messages. I.e. Instead of calling for the death of the president, call for his resignation.

5) And finally, make sure that the world around you cares about your people and country, before you even consider stages 1-4.


Please note that Light’s Knights do not suggest that anybody go out and implement any of the above mentioned steps. but if you do – good luck, and let us know how it worked out.

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