Extreme right-wing newspaper receives government funds

Posted on 23/04/2010


The Swedish news paper “National Today” (Nationell Idag) has received 2.3 million kronor (£207.000) in government press, funds enabling the paper to expand its reach.

Minister of culture Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth tells Public Broadcast radio news program “Eko” she regrets the decision.

–First of all I regret that this paper received any funds, despite the fact that I am of course willing to defend freedom of press at any cost and that democracy has to be able to cope with undemocratic views too, however, I think it is disgusting that it is the tax payers who ends up funding them.

The government body that distributes the press funds is not allowed to take political views into any consideration when paying funds. This is what Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth now wants to be discussed, and potentially changed.

–We often say that the press fund is about strengthening the basic democratic values, and even if it is about freedom of expression, it is not the same thing as having tax payer funding this type of media, she tells the Eko


[Article translated from Dagens Media, 23.04.10]

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